This is me. I'm not really a cartoon.

I’m not a cartoon, but if I was, this would be me.

Hi there,

I’m Jason. I’m a digital marketer. I straddle the line that separates analysts from creatives. I love what I do.

What Do I Do?

Digital marketing is kind of a catch-all for a broad range of different things. Each marketer probably has their own definition, but if I distilled it down to its essence, I’d say that digital marketing boils down to communicating effectively and being able to generate insights from data.

One of my many joys is being able to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world. Everyone has unique challenges and opportunities, so my work is as varied as the people asking for it. This lets me wear many hats.

I am:

  • Jason the writer
  • Jason the SEO specialist
  • Jason the social media manager
  • Jason the SEM guy
  • Jason the analytics dude

Life Outside of Work

When I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I try to spend as much time as I can enjoying the world around me.

I love nature. Parks and green spaces make me really happy, so you can usually find me at one of the many nice trails around Kingston at least once a week.

I’m a social person, so I spend time with the people in my life who matter most to me.