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My Experience

Leveling the field

Trigger warning: I do talk about my prognosis, death, and dying. If that’s not something you’re in the headspace to take in, stop reading...


One year ago today, I stood at the door to my cancer centre and rang the bell. It marked the end of twelve grueling...

Learning to live with chronic pain

Reaching toward the phone on my bedside table—a halfhearted effort to silence my alarm before it riles the cats further—I am reminded that today will be another spent in pain and discomfort.

Radiation in the mix

I was going to expound on how today’s oncology appointment was one of the most important of my journey so far, but I realized...

One night in cancerland

I can feel the cool breeze from the oscillating fan perched atop my dresser passing back and forth across my body. It feels as if I've stepped into a cool room after being outside on a hot day, the artificial wind kissing my damp skin. I'm having night sweats. Again.